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is happy to make quality tools right here in the USA. We stand behind our products and aim to support you in the use of your new shear. To assist you as efficiently as possible, we have many solutions options on our site:

It is the goal of Bullet Tools’ Solutions Department to resolve issues or concerns from our customers within 24 hrs of first contact with the home office.

Ben Toes, President

The history of Bullet tools has included constant innovation, which means continual improvement and change. Change is good, but it can make finding the right part for your shear complicated.  There can be many iterations of any given model of shear, some may share common parts, and some may not.  For this reason, we do not post replacement parts listings, numbers or pricing.

Our awesome Customer Solutions Team can quickly identify the various shears, models, and components with the required information below. Not only is our knowledgeable Solutions Department trained to assist you, your direct feedback is used to track issues and identify patterns. This assists us in the continued improvement of our products.

To ensure you receive the correct parts for your shear, please have the following information available when contacting us:

      • Name
      • Ship-to Address
      • Phone Number
      • Serial # on tool
      • Date of Purchase
      • Proof of Purchase
      • Material you are cutting
      • A brief explanation of what has occurred
      • Pictures (required to identify older models or shears with no serial #)

Note: Sales representatives can not promise a warranty repair. Warranty Eligibility can only be determined by the Solutions Department.

***All warranties EXCLUDE blades which are a consumable supply – not part of the machine – and may need to be replaced every 1-3 months, although they generally last substantially longer. Using only the recommended materials will increase blade-life.***


For further assistance with technical questions, tool operation, and materials recommendations

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