Siding Tool Education

As a Bullet Tools Distributor, your success is our success! We want to be partners in your education. Watch this video playlist to learn about Bullet Tools’ Siding Tools. Then see below for more information on our tools, our company, and our culture.

As a Distributor

There are a few things you’ll need to know. First of all, we are the Original! Dalen Gunn, the Bullet Tools’ founder, invented the first fixed-blade plank cutter in 1998. There are many knock-offs on the market, but no one matches our quality, our continuing innovation, or our customer service.

Secondly, we are proud to be an American manufacturer. All of our tools are made in our original facility in Hayden, Idaho, U.S.A. The first video above is a walk through of our 15,000 square foot manufacturing and office buildings where we design, test, machine, and assemble all of our revolutionary tools. We also house our executive team plus purchasing, sales, graphic design, engineering, marketing, accounting, and customer service all at this location. When you or your customers call needing assistance, everyone in our company is here and available to serve you.

Lastly, we have a few different flooring tool lines, all of which can be seen on our Siding Page. Our siding cutter lines include:

Magnum Shears are the original, super heavy duty cutters. They are made with heavier, thicker aluminum beams and rails. The Magnum blades are also thicker for greater longevity. Magnum cutters usually weigh more, but they offer more strength and the ability to cut thicker, harder materials. They offer a 5 year warranty and usually last much longer. These shears are also excellent for cutting angles. Use the Gable Cut Calculator to see which shear will cut which pitch. The target market for Magnum Shears are contractors who want to cut trim or thicker, harder siding, or those who install daily and want a long-lasting tool.

EZ Shears are lighter-duty cutters. They weigh less and are more portable because they use less aluminum in their beams and rails. EZ Blades are also slightly thinner to reduce cost and weight, but this gives an advantage to those cutting vinyl siding. A thinner blade requires less force to push it through your material, so they are often easier to cut with. (They cannot cut hardwood as the blade will break.) EZ Shears are aimed at the DIY customer or contractors who want portability and don’t mind buying a new tool every couple of years. These quality, cost-effective tools have a 1 year warranty and usually last around 3 years.

We also sell Accessories including a Shear Stand, Casters, and a Light Kit for low lit work areas.

See our Siding Tools Page for the entire selection!

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