26 in. EZ Shear Siding Cutter

Item# 226
The 26″ EZ Shear Siding and Siding Trim (SST) Cutter is a versatile, light-duty cutter for products up to 26 inches wide (660.4mm) and 1 inch thick (25.4mm). Cuts HardiePlank®, vinyl and many other materials quickly, easily, and dust-free. A lighter, more economical cutter, the EZ shear maintains our high quality standards and offers a 1-year warranty. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

MSRP: $889.95

Description & Specifications

The 26 in. (660.4mm) EZ Shear Siding and Siding Trim (SST) Cutter is a versatile cutter for products up to 26 in. (660.4mm) wide and 1 in. (25.4mm) thick. Cuts a maximum pitch of 4/12 on an 8 in. (203.2mm) board. Quickly cut HardiePlank®, fiber cement board, OSB, pressboard lap, and vinyl.

Why buy Bullet Tools? We are the original shear, hand-built since 1998. Our family-owned and operated company was built from the ground up. Many have tried to replicate our tools, but no one replicates our quality. We use aircraft-grade aluminum and high-density polyethylene so our tools last. The EZ 1-year warranty is truly Bullet Proof with manufacturing and customer service still entirely in the USA. Unlike the big retailers, we take a personal interest in your service and repair.


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  • No Dust – Fast cleanup, work inside
  • No Noise – Work early or late
  • No Electricity – Easy setup, environmentally friendly
  • Save Time – Safely cut where you work
  • One shear blade outlasts over 20 saw blades
  • Strong, lightweight double F-beam construction
  • Built-in ruler
  • Moveable angle fence for accurate and repeatable cuts
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Maximum thickness for all materials: 1 in. (25mm)
  • Siding, Fiber Cement Board
  • Siding, OSB
  • Siding, Pressboard Lap
  • Siding, Vinyl
  • Siding, Wood
  • Trim, OSB
  • Trim, Fiber Cement
  • Trim, Vinyl
  • Shingles, Tar or Wood