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26 inch Siding Shear

Item# MS20-0626



The all new 26 in. MAGNUM Siding Shear is our field-tested siding shear made wider – now cuts a maximum pitch of 5/12 on an 8 in. (203.2mm) board. Fully manufactured in the USA, the 626 Magnum Siding and Siding Trim Cutter is designed specifically for the siding industry. Make quick, effortless cuts on HardiePlank®, fiber cement board, OSB, pressboard lap, and vinyl – all without dangerous dust!

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Magnum Pitch Cut Guide

New OSHA regulations on Silica Dust now in place

Bullet Tools Siding Cutters can help

As of July 2017, new OSHA requirements put protection in place for employees who work with silica dust. Workers who cut, drill, or grind materials such as Hardieboard – or any product containing concrete, asphalt, brick, or stone – are at risk of inhaling silica dust. This dust can make small cuts in the lungs which form scars. Over time, a build up of scar tissue in the lungs can cause a person to have difficulty breathing. This is a disease called silicosis.

In order to reduce silicosis in workers, OSHA has made rules about how much “respirable crystalline silica” or RCS an employee can be exposed to. For more information on these rules, see www.osha.gov  or review This Helpful Webinar.