Replacement Paladin Blade

Item# MB93-P009
The Replacement Hardwood Blade for Paladin is our most extreme blade ever! Crafted from a higher strength alloy and tempered using an obscure heat-treat technique, the strength of the Hardwood Blade has been almost doubled. It cuts Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, and Stranded Bamboo plank flooring up to 9 in. wide and 1 in. thick. It can also cut laminate flooring, engineered wood, solid wood, parquet, WPC and luxury vinyl tile/plank, and more. Our specialty blades make consistent, precision cuts and outlast more than 20 saw blades without the noise. This blade is the reason we have the ONLY manually operated shear on the market capable of cutting Stranded Bamboo.

Description & Specifications

The Paladin Hardwood Blade is made from specialty alloyed M-series steel for ultimate strength and longevity. Then we use a multi-step, advanced tempering technique to maximize strength and edge-holding capability, this blade last longer than any other blade we’ve made. Tested to cut materials up to 3000 Janka.


  • Cuts through harder materials
  • Features a two-stage bevel designed specifically to chop through hardwoods without chipping
  • High Grade, M2 Steel Alloy
  • For Hardwood, Engineered, and Stranded Bamboo Flooring
  • Outlasts every other blade we make or more than 20 circular saw blades
  • Use with only the 9 in. (228.6mm) MAGNUM Flooring Shear (#909)
  • Razor sharp for clean factory edge
  • Will last a year or more when maintained regularly with the Hone Stone
  • Made in the USA


  • Maximum thickness for all materials: 1 in. (24.5mm)
  • Stranded Bamboo
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Commercial Vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • MLF
  • SPC
  • WPC
  • Coretec
  • Parquet
  • PVC Tile
  • Rubber Tile
  • Rubber Cove Base
  • Soft Plastic


  • Blade Size: 9 inches wide
  • Blade Thickness:  4mm (0.157 in.)