Bullet Tools Shears are made to last.

As with any quality tool, these shears require basic maintenance to continue working like new. Below are the recommended maintenance steps. These steps are broken down by how often you need to complete them. At first glance, the list below might seem long. However many maintenance steps are listed under multiple categories. This is because the environment the shear is in has a major impact on how often maintenance must be performed. In all environments, the most important things are keeping your blade honed and your shear lubricated.

For easy maintenance, try the Shear Maintenance Kit which includes the most important items to keep your shear working like new. And once you have your Shear Maintenance Kit, don’t forget to Register Your SMK for a 1 year extended warranty.

After Each Use

  • Anticorrosion – in high-humidity or coastal regions, spray all metal parts with WD-40 or similar product and wipe clean after every use to avoid rust. Be extra sure to get exposed areas of any fasteners.
  • Hone the Blade – if cutting harder materials such as laminate, engineered, or hardwood, hone your blade after every job to maintain cut quality. A Hone Stone is automatically included with every cutter to keep your blade cutting smoothly.
See Honing Instructions


  • Hone – When using your blade for softer materials such as vinyl or carpet tiles, honing is only needed once a month. See honing video above.
  • Lubricate – Both grease and Slick Shot are included in the Shear Maintenance Kit. Slick Shot Lubricant is water based and dries to a slippery coating. This works especially well on the springs and pins to keep the blade assembly traveling freely. Grease is excellent for keeping the cam and handle assembly moving smoothly. Apply grease around and inside the bearings. In order to keep carpet tiles clean, Slick Shot can be used for all lubrication areas on RCT Models. (See Lubrication Points below.)
  • Tighten – Check tightness of all screws, especially the rail and handle screws. (See below.)
  • Anticorrosion – For lower humidity regions anti-rust treatment can be done monthly. Spray all metal parts with WD-40 and wipe clean.


  • Replace Bladestop – (only for SharpShooter PRO, Marksman, 126, 220, 226, 526, 909, 913, 920, 930, 940, and Magnum Edge) When the bladestop is worn below the surface of the aluminum, it is important to replace it. You can also tell it needs to be replaced when blade does not cut all the way through, if cutting soft products, or when splintering occurs on the bottom of hard products. (If the splintering occurs on the surface of products, the problem is the blade – not the bladestop – and it needs to be honed or replaced.)
  • Lubricate – as noted above, use grease and slickshot on all lubrication points.
  • Anti-Corrosion – For very dry regions, use WD-40 on all metal parts yearly and wipe down.
  • Tighten – Check not only rail and handle screws, but also blade and bladestop screws.
See Bladestop Replacement Instructions

When to Get a New Blade

Bullet Tools Blades are the heart of every shear. They are made with hardened  high density tool steel for long-lasting strength and precision. Most of our blades can outlast 20 or more saw blades! Replacement is recommended when the blade is chipped or visibly worn, when cut quality is not improved by honing, or when cutting becomes difficult, such as more pressure is needed on handle than usual.

Blades are included in all of our Shear Maintenance Kits, as well as the supplies you need to do monthly and yearly maintenance. You can also buy blades individually. To purchase, see Flooring Cutter Blades or Siding Cutters Blades.

See Blade Replacement Instructions

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Bullet Tools has the best Manufacturer Warranty on the market! Magnum Shears include a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty. EZ Shears come with a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty. If you are having a issue on a tool that is under warranty, please file a Warranty Claim or call our Solutions Team.

Bullet Tools prides itself on customer service, with only knowledgeable representatives within the USA on our solutions team. We have the best selection of replacement parts available such as handle grips, foot caps, fasteners, or any plastic or metal shear part. Because our manufacturing is in Idaho, USA, we can quickly and easily get you whatever part you need. To order replacement parts on a shear that is not under warranty, make a Replacement Parts Request or call our Solutions Team.

If you have completed proper maintenance but are having problems with your shear: