SuperShear Open Cell Blade

Item# CB53-0027
This blade is an accessory to the powerful SuperShear 2.  Install blade to aggressively trim open cell spray foam insulation with speed and accuracy. This blade is designed to cut insulation perfectly even with studs. A dream come true for cutting spray polyurethane foam!

Description & Specifications

Trim open cell spray foam insulation quickly and easily by attaching the Open Cell Blade to your SuperShear 2. Specialty blade cuts smoothly through open cell foam insulation without causing static cling. Lightweight, ergonomic design offsets the blade from the handle for even cutting against studs, providing all day comfort and cleaner cuts when trimming insulation. Blade can be reversed when it begins to dull for an instantly new cutting edge.  * SuperShear 2 sold separately.

  ♦ Also Available for Closed Cell Insulation



  • Quickly and smoothly cut open cell insulation
  • Long 27″ blade cuts more at a time for faster job completion
  • Specialty coating for no static cling on scraps
  • Blade is offset from saw for comfort and control
  • Reversible blade can be installed two ways for longer life
  • Trim walls up to 10 feet high without scaffold


  • Closed Open Spray Foam Insulation


  • Weight: 1 lb

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