SuperShear Sawzall and Closed Cell Blade Kit

Item# CK53-0018
The powerful SuperShear 2 trims closed cell spray foam insulation* with speed and accuracy. The custom closed cell blade is the future in trimming closed cell SPF. Very aggressive to slice through the toughest foam, this blade is designed to cut insulation perfectly even with studs. A dream come true for cutting spray polyurethane foam! Kit includes SuperShear Sawzall and Closed Cell Blade.*

MSRP: $689.95



Description & Specifications

Trim closed cell spray foam insulation* quickly and easily with the updated SuperShear 2 and Closed Cell Blade. Milwaukee’s powerful 12 amp Sawzall is transformed to precisely trim spray foam insulation. Attach included blade to expertly cut through closed cell spray foam. Longer 1-1/8 inch stroke allows you to cut at a slower rpm, reducing vibration while still getting excellent cutting speed. Variable speed trigger allows SPM between 0 and 3000. The gear protecting clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces. To provide greater user comfort, a counter weighted mechanism reduces vibration for smoother operation and a redesigned front grip area provides best in class ergonomics. Lightweight, ergonomic design offsets the blade from the handle for even cutting against studs, providing all day comfort and cleaner cuts. 1-Year Warranty *Compatible with the Open Cell Blade, sold separately

 ♦ Also available for Open Cell Insulation ♦



  • Made to expertly cut closed cell insulation
  • Longer 1-1/8″ stroke
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor for continuous operation
  • Variable speed trigger, 0-3000 Strokes per Minute
  • Lightweight design – only 8.5 lbs before attaching blade
  • Offset blade for ease of use and cleaner cuts
  • T-Handle for ultimate comfort and control
  • Blade Mount: 2 Screws
  • Cleanly and aggressively cuts closed cell insulation
  • Specialty Saw also cuts open cell insulation with additional blade
  • Trim walls up to 10 feet high without scaffold


  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene / White / Bead Board) foam
  • XPS (Extruded Polystyrene / Blue / Pink) foam
  • Poly-Iso (Polyisocyanurate) foam – less than 2 in.
  • Foil or Mylar faced foam


  • Weight: 11 lbs

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