Item# 1901-26-01

The MAGNUM Shut-N-Cut insulation cutting system is designed for quick and easy cuts through batt insulation (pink/owens insulation) including acoustic panels, denim (ultratouch insulation), polyester and polyethylene. Firmly holds any type of insulation preventing it from shifting, ensuring accurate, straight cuts. Compress foam, denim, fiberglass and wool insulation by 80%, making it easy to slice precisely. Extend the life of your knife blade through its Aerial Suspension Cut Guide System. The only surface your blade comes into contact with is the insulation. Reduce waste and save labor by speeding up insulation cuts while increasing accuracy and avoiding constant blade changes.

MSRP: $169.95

Description & Specifications

Decrease installation time threefold with Bullet Tools Shut-N-Cut. This time saving accessory holds insulation batts firmly in place to make cutting with the included CenterFire Insulation Knife even easier. The Shut-N-Cut is engineered to clamp with the ideal pressure, reducing effort and creating perfectly straight cuts. The lightweight, portable design makes it a perfect addition for contractors.



  • Oversize clamp holds insulation in place
  • Clamp compresses insulation by 80%
  • EZ Insulation Knife Kit is included for clean, accurate cuts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on and off the job site
  • Elevated system prevents knife dulling against hard surfaces
  • Blade fits into a standard utility knife handle as well as a Sawzall-type reciprocating saw
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Made in the USA