CenterFire 7 in. Insulation Blade

Item# CB50-1107

Designed for the CenterFire Insulation Knife Kit (1110-07-01), the CenterFire Insulation Blade (handle not included) also fits into standard utility knives and most reciprocating saws. Cuts easily through foam and fiber insulation products. Crafted from high-quality tooling steel, these re-sharpenable carbon steel blades are long-lasting and will outlast most other blades. Non-serrated edge eliminates dust and debris.

MSRP: $19.95


Description & Specifications

At 7 in. (177.8 mm), it’s twice the length of the standard insulation blade and is the only one available without serration, thereby eliminating dust and debris. Quickly cuts through foam and fiber insulation products including batt Insulation, Denim/Bonded Logic, Rockwool, XPS and fiberglass. Slightly flexible blade is made to be drug through thick insulation – no need to waste time sawing – and easily around window frames and outlet boxes.



  • Long-lasting re-sharpenable carbon steel blade outlasts most other blades
  • Crafted from high-quality tooling steel
  • Non-serrated edge eliminates dust and debris
  • Easily cuts notches and squares around outlets, and circles in sheets
  • 15% time savings that increases to 30% when used with the MAGNUM Shut-N-Cut (1901-26-01)
  • Clean, fuzz-free, dust-free cuts even on “hard to cut” insulation like    denim and Rockwool
  • Blade fits into a standard utility knife handle as well as a Sawzall-type reciprocating saw
  • Versatility – blade works with CenterFire Insulation Knife Kit and many other cutting tools


  • Cut through insulation FAST!
  • Insulation Batts
  • Denim/Bonded Logic
  • Polyester/Enguard/Vita Nonwovens
  • Fiberglass
  • Rockwool/Mineral Wool
  • Foam Boards (Rigid sheet foam products)
  • Poly Iso
  • XPS
  • EPS
  • Soft Foam and more!

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