Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty?

  • If your cutter says Magnum on the label or table, it has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and carries a 5 year warranty.
  • If your cutter says EZ Shear, it has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

  • Both the 1 year and 5 year warranty cover manufacturer defect on all non-consumable parts. If something isn’t right, we are here to make it right. If something breaks, wears out, or doesn’t fit properly during your warranty period, we replace it.
  • Consumable parts – not covered by warranty – include the blade, blade stop, stickers, handle grips, foot caps, and hydraulic o-rings. These are available for purchase either as part of the Shear Maintenance Kit or through the Replacement Part Order Form.
  • Common sense disclaimer: the warranty does not cover normal wear or cosmetic appearance such as chips, dings, or scratches.

Can I cut both siding and flooring with this shear?

  • There are specialized flooring blades and siding blades available for most shear models. Siding Blades are made slightly thinner to easily get through siding and trim with less force. Flooring blades are thicker which allows them to cut through tougher materials, such as hardwood, without breaking.
  • We recommend using a separate blade for abrasive or hard materials. If you cut softer products like vinyl siding or carpet tile after cutting hard materials, such as fiber cement, laminate, or hardwood, your cut quality will not be as nice on softer products. As in, the cut edge on a softer product may be slightly jagged if you use the same blade for everything. So if you need high cut quality on both hard and soft products, an extra blade is recommended.

Are blades covered under warranty?

  • No, but replacement blades are available for all models of shear that Bullet Tools has ever manufactured. Some are not listed on our website, so Contact Us for more information.

How long does a blade last?

  • When used on appropriate materials (see Cut Guides), a shear blade will last for thousands of cuts. In comparative testing we found that they will often outlast 20 saw blades
  • CenterFire Insulation Blades will last for years if sharpened regularly

Is using the hone stone important?

  • Yes, honing your blade after every job will extend your blade life and improve cut quality. Not honing your blade can result in poor cuts on certain products and makes it more difficult to cut.
  • If you neglect honing your blade, it will wear out more quickly and might chip when cutting hard materials.

Can blades be resharpened? How do I sharpen my blade? How many times?

For Magnum or EZ Shear Blades:

  • Remove the blade from your shear and bring it to a professional knife sharpener or use a precision sharpening fixture. Sharpening blades this big requires special equipment and should not be done at home or on the jobsite.
  • If you cannot find a knife sharpening service in your area, contact Bullet Tools about our in-house sharpening service (solutions@bullettools.com).
  • Most shear blades can be resharpened at least twice.

For CenterFire Insulation Blades:

  • Use a V-type ceramic or carbide sharpener
  • Set the sharpener on a firm surface (such as a workbench)
  • Pull the knife through the sharpener 5 or 6 times while pressing down lightly

What can each shear cut? Are there limits?

  • Each shear is designed to cut a specific range of products, please see the Cut Guides for each shear

Why can’t my EZ Shear cut everything, forever?

  • EZ Shears are light duty cutters. These are lower cost and therefore shorter life. If you do use one of these tools every day, it will probably wear out within a year of use. If you want a heavy duty shear that will last for years, we suggest you invest in a Magnum Shear (These often last 10 years or more when taken care of!) which has a 5 year warranty and is made for contractors. See Magnum Siding Shears here or Magnum Flooring Shears here.
  • EZ Shears and EZ SST shears are entry-level tools and don’t have the ‘horsepower’ to cut through some of the tougher building products. If you attempt to use them on products that rate over 1250 on the Janka Hardness Scale, it can break or wear out your EZ Shear. Again, a Magnum cutter is made to cut harder materials.

Can I put a 626 on my own stand?  Or does it have to be yours?

  • You can mount the 626 onto most chopsaw stands. However many stands are taller than the Bullet Tools shear stand and may be uncomfortable for the vertically challenged.

Note: Sales representatives can not promise a warranty repair. Warranty Eligibility can only be determined by the Solutions Department.

***All warranties EXCLUDE blades which are a consumable supply – not part of the machine – and may need to be replaced every 1-3 months, although they generally last substantially longer. Using only the recommended materials will increase blade-life.***


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