9.5 inch Bullet Vinyl Glider

Item# BT92-2095

The Bullet Vinyl Glider gives the professional an easy solution to rip-cuts. Make straight, clean, score-and-snap cuts on luxury vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tile up to 9.5″ wide. Achieve faster and easier installation of vinyl flooring while maintaining professional results. We are proud to design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble in the USA.

Description & Specifications

The Bullet Vinyl Glider is a straight-edge, measuring tool, and rotary cutter in one! Lengthwise cuts on vinyl planks can be a tedious task, especially with thick luxury vinyl.  The Bullet Vinyl Glider makes a quick, precise score on a variety of LVT and LVP sizes with its adjustable fence system. *Cutting unapproved materials will void warranty.

Why buy Bullet Tools? We are the original shear, hand-built in 1998. Our family-owned and operated company was built from the ground up. Many have tried to replicate our tools, but no one replicates our quality. Hand-picked, engineer-tested materials mean our tools last. The 1-year warranty is truly Bullet Proof with manufacturing and customer service still entirely in the USA. Unlike the big retailers, we take a personal interest in your service and repair.


    Bullet Pointers

    • Put your plank between the two Teflon-coated runners
    • Slide the adjustable end block (black) against your board.
    • Adjust the blade receiver (gold) to align the center mark with your cut
    • Lock in place by pushing down on the lock lever
    • Extend the blade by turning the comfort grip knob clockwise
    • Push the tool down the length of the plank, pressing firmly on the knob for a smooth, straight score
    • Easily snap along the score


    • No Dust – Fast cleanup, work inside
    • No Noise – Work early or late
    • No Electricity – Easy setup, environmentally friendly
    • Save Time – Safely cut where you work
    • Rotary blade makes score-and-snap cuts on vinyl flooring
    • Adjustable depth blade cuts vinyl from .080″ to .325″ thick (2mm to 8mm)
    • Locking blade receiver aligns on rulers for precision width cuts
    • Adjustable fence holds vinyl planks in place for perfectly straight scores
    • Flexible steel rails allow specific pressures for cutting different materials
    • Angled Teflon-coated runners keep planks in place
    • Built-in rulers, inch and mm
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • Made in U.S.A.


    • Vinyl Plank Flooring


    • Cuts vinyl planks or tiles up to 9.5″ wide
    • Cuts vinyl planks or tiles between .080″(2mm) and .325″(8mm) thick
    • Uses 28mm Rotary Blades (Item: 2095B)

    View Manual

    Glider instructions - 5201-page-001