Carpet Cartridge Upgrade Kit for Cruiser

Item# BA92-2035

Install in your Bullet Cruiser to cut rubber and jute backed carpet tile flooring

Expand the capabilities of your Cruiser and cut carpet tiles with ease. The specially designed cartridge adapts the rolling razor edges of the cruiser to cut with a continuous slicing action. Speed up your job and keep your fingers! Take advantage of the cutting edge in flooring technology with the Bullet Cruiser Carpet Tile Upgrade.

MSRP: $39.95

Description & Specifications

Designed for Bullet Tools’ MAGNUM Shear & EZ/SST Shear, the Universal Shear Stand is a high-quality, versatile addition to any jobsite. The stand features a quick-mount tool attachment and extendable support for materials being cut, a particularly useful feature when cutting siding.


  • Cuts carpet tile when installed in a Bullet Cruiser
  • Faster, straighter cuts than possible with a utility knife
  • No electricity needed
  • Inexpensive circular blades last for hundreds of cuts
  • Field quality straight and notch cuts on Carpet Tile


Video Installation Instructions