9 in. X Series Blade
Item# 209B
This high-quality steel replacement blade is designed specifically for the 9 in. EZ™ Shear Siding & Siding Trim (SST) Cutter. Our cutting edge blades are what really set us apart from the competition. Made in the USA with superior materials, then precision sharpened on-site, these blades can outlast 20 saw blades or more. To see which blade goes with your shear, see chart below.

Description & Specifications

Exceptional blade manufacturing is at the center of Bullet Tools’ global reputation. Unmatched innovation in cordless, dustless cutting solutions plus high quality standards is who we are. And our blades are the gold standard. All shear blades are crafted from the highest quality hardened chrome vanadium tool steel. The unique design and precision of the two-stage bevel grind comes from more than a dozen years of intense engineering, research and field testing.


  • Uniquely-designed, hand-honed blade with two-stage bevel grind to ensure a clean cut
  • Use with only the 9 in. EZ Shear SST Cutter (#209-SID)
  • Razor sharp for a clean factory edge
  • Will last 6 months to one year when maintained regularly with the Hone Stone
  • Made in the USA

Blade Compatibility

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