Shear Maintenance Kit

Item# SMK

The Shear Maintenance Kit (SMK) is an essential tool care product designed to extend the life of any Bullet Tools shear. Also prevents down time from damaged blades and maintenance issues. Click “Buy Now” to select the SMK that goes with your shear. Price varies per kit.
MSRP: Starting at $99.00

Description & Specifications

The Shear Maintenance Kit is a value-added product that features a 1-year extended warranty on new and current Bullet Tools warranty. Each kit is specially designed and assembled for your shear.


  • Premium Replacement Blade
  • Slick Shot – for smooth, quiet cuts
  • Hone Stone – for a razor-sharp blade
  • Bearing Grease – for smoother operation
  • Blade Stop Replacement – for shears that use a blade stop replaceable cutting surface

1-Year Extended Warranty

An additional year warranty will be added to any current or new shear warranty. The warranty provides that products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one year (EZ Shears) and five years (MAGNUM Shears) from date of initial purchase.

Premium Replacement Blade

All Bullet Tools shear blades are crafted from the highest quality hardened chrome vanadium tool steel and feature a unique design and two-stage bevel grind, resulting from more than a decade of intense engineering, research and field testing.

Slick Shot

Slick Shot is a spray-on lubricant that increases the life of a MAGNUM or EZ Shear when used regularly to keep the moving parts “tuned-up” and lubricated. Special water-based, low VOC formula lubricates parts without creating an oily residue

Hone Stone

The hone stone is a necessary accessory for all MAGNUM and EZ Shears to help ensure a consistent, high-quality clean cut and is an excellent way to extend the life of any blade. Consistent and proper use of the hone stone helps blades outlast saw blades 20 to 1.

Bearing Grease

Bearing grease is applied to the bearings and sliding surfaces and provides a smooth, long-lasting operation.

Bladestop Replacement

A bladestop provides a semi-soft cutting-board surface to reduce dulling on your blade. The Bladestop Replacement is included for shears that use a bladestop.

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