Hone Stone

Item# 701S

The Hone Stone is a necessary accessory for all MAGNUM and EZ Shears to ensure a consistent high-quality, clean cut.  An excellent way to extend the life of any blade.

Description & Specifications

Hone Stone – for a razor edge on your blade.  Run the Hone Stone along the flat side of the shear’s blade after each use. The shear will continue to perform with the same high-quality level as its first cut. With regular maintenance, a shear blade can outlast 20 saw blades.

  • Keeps edge sharp for clean cuts
  • Requires no fluid or oil prior to or during use
  • May be used on any steel blade
  • Use after each cutting job to ensure clean, accurate cuts

For instructions on using your Hone Stone see
How to Hone Your Blade