2010 Green Product Award

Pro Tool Innovation Award
CenterFire and MAGNUM Siding Series 613 & 620

Awarded the National Hardware Show “Golden Hammer Award”

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This shear is absolutely amazing! More than paid for itself in the first job I used it on today.”
• Coby Donaldson, B&C Construction & Equipment LLC., Mississippi

“This shear works wonderfully. No noise, no cord, no sawdust.”
• Conrad Blomquist, Endako Log Homes, BC Canada

“It becomes easy to sell a product when you have used it, believe in it and can properly demonstrate it.”
• Kenneth Duck

“WOW! What a difference this tool makes! I would say on average I lay an extra 10-15 m² per day! I am also very impressed with the workmanship of the shear, it looks and feels strong and cuts through laminate like butter!”
• Ben Hallifax, Australia

“I have your 13″ Magnum Shear and absolutely love it. This is one tools that has actually made me money! Even customers are amazed when they see it work.”
• Bill D, Contractor

“Just a little note to let you know how happy we are with our laminate floor cutter. About a year ago, our rep from NRF showed us the cutter and said that he used it and couldn’t live without it. Boy, was he right! Productivity has increased dramatically. Our installers are able to do twice the work in half the time and they don’t have to get up off the floor to cut the boards. We have gotten to the point that we don’t even use our chop saw anymore and it eliminates all the sawdust! All the installers use is your cutter and a jig saw. Last week, two installers put 24 cases of laminate in in 4 hours. If anyone is installing laminate flooring, this tool is more important than any other tool on the truck!”
Mike Harding, Harding’s Attica Furniture an Flooring

“I will vouch for their effectiveness and build quality. They are a major labor saver as well, I bought the 13″ model about 3 years ago and it has come our of the truck on every laminate, engineered hardwood, cove base, VCT or vinyl plank job I have had since.”
• Paul, Precision Floors

“This is the best invention since running water, I went from laying 700sf of laminate to completing a 1400sf laminate job. This thing is AWESOME.”
• Garret Sing, Pinnacle Floor Solutions, Louisiana

“If anyone is installing laminate flooring, this tool is more important than any other tool on the truck!”
• Mike Harding, Harding’s Attica Furniture and Flooring

“I don’t know how I installed without this tool! It is priceless!”
• Dave Moore, Florida

“A Heavy Workhorse”

• NotAConcretePro, Southwestern Virginia

“Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased a Magnum Shear. I have been in the flooring trade for 27 years and this is the best tool I have ever invested in. This think actually makes me money! I couldn’t be more pleased.”
Bill, Contractor

“My first job with the … Magnum was 2500 sq. ft. gluedown of 5″ product, and I completed it 3 days sooner than what I had planned. I mention your product every chance I get … Just wanted to shaire with you my satisfaction with your products, thanks for a great tool. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to buy one!”
Steve Olson

“I told (the flooring rep), ‘Just you watch. This (RCT) will cut the tiles squarer than your factory!‘ By the time I was done, he was taking pictures of my job.”
• Mark Hasse, Minnesota

“My crew had a job installing nearly 8,000 sq ft of carpet tile in a commercial office building. Because of the office schedule, installation was going to be sporadic with period of working a few days on the job, then off for a couple of days, which made rental of this tool a hassle. We were using 24″x 24” premium carpet tiles with a thick vinyl backing that were a pain to cut with a utility knife. There were also a lot of butt joints that had to be cut and needed to be perfect. A shear was the only way to do it.
This shear is a beast. Once you have it on the job and set up at a workstation, it can produce dead straight and dead square cuts all day long perfectly. It is the only way to install large carpet tiles… for large carpet tile (RCT) is THE tool.
• Dealer Feedback

“Love your products, they make installing flooring a pleasure, after 20 years installing, it’s time new products came along. Thanks…”
• Clay Stearns, Montana

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