Company Overview

Bullet Tools is a U.S. manufacturing company recognized as the pioneer and world leader in fixed-blade cutting tools for the construction industry. The company has earned a global reputation for the EZ and Magnum dust-free installation tools that improve efficiency, accuracy and safety in the flooring, siding and insulation categories.

Though our shears are sold worldwide, Bullet Tools is truly a homegrown American company. Our 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is quietly tucked among hayfields and horse barns in Hayden, Idaho. With all tools designed, tested, machined, and assembled fully in the USA, the Bullet Tools team takes justifiable pride in our job and our products. We work hard to create and assemble only superior tools. American tools. Your tools.

Rooted in America

Bullet Tools is a family-owned business with a history of innovation. Dalen Gunn was a contractor for most of his life. He realized there was a need in the industry for dust-free cutting without noise or electricity. As a contractor, he knew the right tools would mean safer worksites and faster installations. With this mission he set out to create innovative tools in 1998. As Dalen built and tested the first prototypes in his garage, his small-town values and connections within the community allowed him to source locally. As his tools gained popularity and the business grew, he created jobs in rural Idaho and contracted with local distributors and machine shops. Even as his inventions were knocked-off and his tools were sold internationally, he continued growing and providing jobs in his home town. Today he staffs a full machine-shop, assembly line, and customer service center, plus an office for engineering, accounting, and purchasing in his 15,000 sq ft facility on the original site.


It started with an idea….

Known world-wide for industry-changing, cordless/dustless “green” cutting solutions, Bullet Tools started in a young family’s double-wide mobile home in 1998 with a simple idea born of necessity by a flooring installer, Dalen Gunn, who became the company’s founder. Armed with hands-on construction industry experience and a commitment to improving installation efficiency and safety, Dalen built his company into a world leader in insulation, siding and flooring industry cutting solutions.


“It can’t be done” fueled the idea…

“It can’t be done” are words that drive Gunn’s personal and professional quest to overcome challenge and help others. After a near-fatal car accident at age 18, Gunn first heard “It can’t be done” and he walked anyway. The next “It can’t be done” was being denied disability income. While that “no” created severe physical and financial struggles, it also gave birth to Gunn’s resolve to work through any challenge. Even when local banks repeatedly denied his loan request, Gunn persisted and eventually found the capital needed to expand. And when much bigger companies infringed patent laws, Gunn’s perseverance and commitment won out.


And the idea grew…

What started as a family-operated assembly line in their double-wide turned into a global manufacturing facility fabricating innovative cutting tools, “built here so you can build here.” With around 300 percent growth over the past ten years, Bullet Tools has a national presence and also exports many products to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom with additional markets seeking its expertise.


Bullet Tools today

The Bullet Tools mission has always been to develop unique cutting solutions that help the professional and the DIYer alike. In 2012 Dalen and Mary Gunn transitioned their son-in-law Ben Toews into the president’s seat to better drive that mission. This allowed Gunn to concentrate on his passion – the targeted research and creative engineering upon which the company’s foundation was built.

Toews is a Gonzaga University honors graduate who began working at Bullet Tools while attending college. As president, he has continued the company’s commitment to their core product line while developing new products. He actively partners with manufacturers to bring greater time-saving efficiency, safety, and accuracy to the job site.

In addition to industry innovation, Toews advocates and maintains excellence in time-honored management practices. His focus is on serving the needs of both employees and the communities they live in. Bullet Tool’s corporate office and manufacturing facility remain on its original site where the double-wide mobile home graces the entrance and is a constant reminder that the American Dream lives on.