2195B – Bullet Cutter Replacement Blade

Item# 2195B
The 9.5″ specialty Bullet Cutter Replacement Blade is designed for the Bullet Cutter to make quick, precise end-cuts on Luxury Vinyl planks and Tiles up to 9.5in wide.

Description & Specifications

This 9.5″ solid steel alloy blade is the same high-quality blade that come installed in your Bullet Cutter. After years of engineering, this unique blade is the centerpiece of the patent-pending Bullet Cutter. The double pivot design makes for a simple yet long-lasting tool and a blade that will cut up to 10,000 square feet of vinyl installed!

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  • Fits Bullet Cutter BT92-2195
  • Steel Alloy
  • For Vinyl and WPC flooring
  • 10.2″ Steel Blade, includes 4 replacement e-clips and instructions
  • Cuts: Vinyl Plank, WPC, Leather


  • 10.2″ Steel Blade
  • Blade Thickness:  .178″

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