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12.23.2015 - Bullet Tools' Improves CenterFire Circular and Straight Blades with a high-tech...  Read More»

10.23.2015 - Bullet Tools' Wins Industry Innovation Award...  Read More»

11.03.2014 - Bullet Tools' unveils special promotions and a new value-added Shear Maintenance Kit...  Read More»

11.03.2014 - Bullet Tools' new Shear Maintenance Kit provides contractors with insurance against down time...  Read More»

08.22.2014 - Bullet Tools' new dust-free Centerfire Circular and Straight Blades answer all cutting needs for foam board...  Read More»

04.21.2014 - U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell and Jim Risch tour Bullet Tools and announce Bipartisan Plan to advance...   Read More»

04.16.2014 - Bullet Tools launches dust-free Centerfire Circular Blade that cuts foam sheets and insulated concrete foam   Read More»

02.03.2014 - Bullet Tools launches MAGNUM Siding Series 613 and 620    Read More»

01.22.2014 - Bullet Tools launches EZ Tile System for fast, easy floating tile floor installations    Read More»

07.15.2013 - Bullet Tools launches partnership with Windward Sales and Jensen Sales     Read More»

07.01.2013 - Bullet Tools launches partnership with Moore Sales Inc.     Read More»

06.17.2013 - Bullet Tools launches partnership with Marketing & Sales Associates     Read More»

06.03.2013 - Bullet Tools appoints Jim LaBarber as Director of Sales     Read More»

05.30.2013 - Bullet Tools launches partnership with leading Sales Rep Firms     Read More»

05.29.2013 - Bullet Tools pioneers and leads in "Green" Construction Industry Cutting Solutions     Read More»

05.27.2013 - Bullet Tools launches partnership with American Rental Sales     Read More»

05.23.2013 - Bullet Tools launches innovative Insulation Cutting Tools     Read More»

05.20.2013 - Bullet Tools launches the new versatile 13" EZ Shear Flooring Cutter     Read More»

05.16.2013 - Bullet Tools launches the new 26" Siding Shear and the Magnum I-13 Shear     Read More»

05.13.2013 - Bullet Tools launches the new 20" EZ Shear Flooring Cutter     Read More»

05.09.2013 - Bullet Tools Founder Dalen Gunn Biography     Read More»

05.06.2013 - Bullet Tools Company Overview     Read More»

05.02.2013 - Bullet Tools President Ben Toews Biography     Read More» 

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