Interview with Bullet Tools on Increased Productivity

An aging workforce combined with younger, less-trained workers coming onto jobs are making end users rethink tool purchases...

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Featured in Professional Remodeler

Bullet Tools new CenterFire circular foam blades reduce dust by 95% when cutting rigid foam insulation, while producing factory-smooth cuts with no kerf.

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13 in. EZ Shear in ProInstaller Magazine

Made in the USA from the originator of fixed-blade cutting solutions. It allows contractors to "cut where they work" reducing time by 1/3. Backed by a dozen years of experience, the 113FLR hails from the industry leader.

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Featured in Extreme How-To Magazine

Bullet Tools is a US manufacturing company that develops fixed-blade cutting and installation solutions for the construction industry to reduce time and improve jobsite efficiency, accuracy and safety. Bullet Tools originated dust-free, fixed-blade cutting technology in 1998 when a longtime contractor, Dalen Gunn, launched the Magnum Shear as a better way to cut flooring with no motor or spinning blade and no electricity required.

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Tool or Toy? ProInstaller Magazine

ProInstaller Magazine markets to 12,000 commercial/residential contractors and leading flooring/installation supplies to distributors nationwide.

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Save Money and Get a Warranty With the Shear Maintenance Kit

Designed to provide insurance against down time and lost income from damaged blades and maintenance issues, Bullet Tools now offers a Shear Maintenance Kit as a companion product for its flooring and siding shears to ensure job site efficiency and consistent work flow.

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2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA)

Two of our products were selected for the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) – the CenterFire blades and the 20” MAGNUM Siding Shear (#620).

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JLC - Cool Tools for 2014

JLC Magazine featured noteworthy products from the 2013 Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) Show that was held November in Las Vegas.

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New Tiling System from Bullet Tools

The EZ Tile System, from Bullet Tools, is claimed to work on any floor with no prepping or underlayment needed-and the plastic trays conform to slight irregularities in the surface. The grout, once hardened, remains flexible to accommodate the usual flexing of a floating floor. And the trays leave space as necessary for airflow to hinder moisture buildup.

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EZ Tile System Review

"The EZ Tile System answers the consumers' need for a tile floor so easy they can do it themselves with no previous tile floor experience."

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